Where is Christmas for the Chained Dogs?

Even though I consider myself ‘retired’ from the day to day activist fight for freedom for chained dogs, I can’t help but feel the pain of their suffering more at Christmas than any other time of the year.


Art we used on a Christmas card for DDB in 2005, by Rocky Shepheard.

After all, most of us get to enjoy the season with our families. We laugh, we eat, we drink, and we revel in the beauty of the lights and the merrymaking we look forward to all year long.

But what do these poor, mistreated beings have at this time of year? Bupkis. That’s what.

Nothing. Nada. The same as the rest of the year.

That’s why this poem by my friend and chained-dog warrior Jennifer Kanady hits so close to home for me. It expresses their pain, their longing, the immediacy of their needs, and so I’ve asked her for permission to share it with you.

Where is Christmas for me?

Holiday shoppers running to, running fro
Each cheerful face, shining bright with a glow.
Their arms piled high for gifts under their tree
But of the gift I dream, is a life running free.

I think to myself, Where is Christmas for me?

Frantically all day I bark and I strain,
But over and over I’m pulled down by my chain.
I so long to be part of all the holiday cheer
But all that awaits me, is thirst, hunger and fear.

“Christmas is coming!” shout the kids running inside
I could not get a glance from them no matter how hard I tried.
The wintry chill’s been biting terribly deep
My bones poking out, would make most folks weep.

Another lonely night comes, I lay my head on my paw
The shakes take hold of me…wait, is that something I saw?
YES! As I blink my eyes and both whimper and stare
A glowing light falls around me, as it warms the night air.


Art we used in 2009 for the holidays, by Rocky Shepheard.

As a glorious being descends from above
I feel suddenly wrapped in both comfort and love.
“Hello there poor fellow” coos the heavenly being
“You’re in need of some aid, is what I am seeing.”

I muster the strength to lick her helping hand
The chain falls to the ground as I struggle to stand.
She scoops me up as I capture my breath
I felt that for certain she’d saved me from death.

In a fleeting moment I am wisked away
“Now here” she says sweetly, “is where you will stay.”
“In a loving home full of love and joy,
Is where you deserve to be, my precious boy.”

Smiling she laid me ‘front a crackling fire
Nestling me comfortably she did aspire.
“Here you will have all the comforts of life,
with a wonderful family, free of misery and strife.”

So THIS is how Christmas is suppose to be!
It had FINALLY happened to “little ol’ me!”

By Jennifer Kanady Dec 2018

Jennifer asks that if you witness suffering chained dogs, please kindly take this survey, watch promo and sign the petition, Thank you.





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