Episode 8 of “Imagine…Life on a Chain” is now LIVE! Catch up today…

Hello, everyone! I hope you’re reading along with me to learn how Imagine, a mixed breed pup, ends up on a chain, and staying with me as we work our way to getting him OFF THAT CHAIN.

Because being UNTETHERED is the only way to go, right? Who doesn’t want to be free?

This is a fiction tale, but it could just as easily be true, and in fact “Imagine” is a mixture of a few different dogs I pulled from chains in looks and personalities.

In this week’s episode, Episode 8, we FINALLY start to see exactly what happened to him to drive him to that awful place in his life.

Imagine…Life on a Chain

Episode Eight: Homeless

The End of the End

Mom smiled and called the dogs to her. She leaned forward and hugged them both, clinging tightly; then she sighed and sat back, looking frail and weak tucked into that corner chair. “We’re gonna’ need to have a long talk this week, my darlings, but not tonight. Mom’s too tired, and she just wants to crawl into her own bed and hold Dad’s hand for a bit. Dad will feed you, then we’re all off to bed. Ok?”

Dennis smiled, patted Val’s knee, and wearily shuffled off into the kitchen. Imagine thought he looked ten years older than he had a week ago, and a sadness hung in the air, palpable, suffocating...

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Remember, if you’re just getting to the party, the first three episodes are FREE, and then they’re mere pennies after that. I hope you’ll join Imagine/Magnum and I on his journey to freedom, hope, and…love? We’ll see!

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