The Trial of the Outlaw Collie Sam • A Unique Look at the Plight of Man’s Best Friend

I just put out a new book through my publishing company, Who Chains You, which gives a really unique look at the issue of dog chaining. I highly recommend it for those who are working on the issue of chaining in your communities, and/or working in schools doing humane education for middle school age students and up. The author creates a poem of a fantasy trial based on a dog bite case, and even if you’re not a fan of poetry, the rhythmical tale will draw you in.

Then he relates the true story of the dog behind the poem, and it offers a glimpse into the ways that chaining a dog can bring lasting—and unwelcome—temperament changes to a dog. The book serves as a cautionary tale on chaining, and makes a great addition to any bookshelf, but especially to those working to bring better treatment to our best friends.

Who Chains You


Now Available, from Who Chains You Books:

The Trial of the Outlaw Collie Sam

by Dale Seddon

“I was born,” he began, “by a dumpster at noon,
In a broken down doghouse with only one room,
With only one window we used as a door,
With rats in the rafters and mud on the floor.”

Raised by a single parent, the outlaw collie Sam and his seven siblings run wild and free, feasting on castaway food in garbage cans and chasing after humans to scare them, all for the fun of it. Then one day disaster strikes. Sam and his brothers and sisters mistakenly frighten the wrong human. The Catchers arrive at the dilapidated doghouse in the middle of the night, guns in hand. Sam is wounded. But he manages to escape.

The next day, Sam is found by a Keeper, a kind human who takes the dog home and…

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