Captain America Rescues Three Cats, Giving Me an ‘I Do Declare’ Swoon Factor

(Like all movie reviews, this blog contains spoiler alerts. Mostly about cat-rescuing. Which you got from the title…so, there’s that.)

OK, so Chris Evans wasn’t really playing Captain America in the new movie Gifted, out in theaters now (see trailer below).

But hey, once Captain America, always Captain America to my mind. And, it sounds a lot cooler to say Captain America rescues three cats than Uncle Frank rescues three cats, doesn’t it?

Yes. Yes it does.

I go to a lot of movies—it’s my hubby’s and my date thang—because we’re over 50 and I think there’s some rule about it. But yesterday, after the cat-rescuing scene, I told the hubby he had to pack his bags, because I have a new love in my life—Captain America. (Shhh. Don’t rain on my parade with such things as FACTS. And truths.)

I think it got him so scared he was gonna lose this great romance we have goin’ that he actually gave my cat Tuna a pet on the head when we got home in an effort to compete.

Your effort is duly-noted, honey! Now, where was I…

So I’d never seen this trailer before (which is odd given that, as I said, we go to a lot of movies), and to be honest we only saw Gifted because there was nothing else out we wanted to see. But I’m so glad I did, because it far exceeded my expectations!

At one point I was break-down sobbing, which, let’s face it, isn’t a good look on anyone at a movie theater.

There is a happy ending, and if you want to see Captain America burst through the shelter and single-handedly swoop up and rescue three cats, then go see it. It’s worth your time.

In addition, there’s a couple happy animal scenes in the movie Ghost in the Shell, because Batou feeds and talks about his love for the stray dogs…and hey, what’s not to love about that? I enjoyed the movie more than I expected, too, and I think the animal scenes had a little bit to do with that. But, also, it wasn’t as hard to follow as the trailer made it out to be, and for me—an uncritical moviegoer—the story and non-stop action were enough to keep my attention throughout.

While I’m talking animal movies, there’s supposed to be a real gem of a documentary building up steam called Kedi, about street cats in Istanbul, that I haven’t seen yet. I’ve tracked down a couple of places it’s playing coming up in my nearby vicinity. If you want to find a place near you, visit their official site for links.

Enjoy! And yes, you don’t even have to ask. I’ll share Captain America with you. Because I’m giving like that.


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