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Who Chains You

tuesdaytappinglogoAre you stressed out and anxious about the plight of the animals?

Are you under attack by others for your stand?

Join Who Chains You and Tamira Thayne as we tackle the anxiety so many are feeling with tapping and other coping techniques in a ten-week free seminar.

Emotional Freedom Technique, aka Tapping, works with the body’s meridians to help ease anxiety, and can relieve a myriad of ailments if properly targeted. Tamira Thayne has been using tapping in her own life, and strongly believes it can be a useful tool in any animal advocate’s arsenal.

Tamira Thayne is founder and former CEO of Dogs Deserve Better, an award-winning national nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the chaining and penning of dogs, and as such spent years on the front lines of animal activism. In 2010, Thayne was termed the “Godmother of Anti-Tethering” by USA Today.

Tamira is the author of

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