Angry Valentines on Behalf of Chained Dogs


I’ve been told that I’d be a good activist, if only I weren’t SO FUCKING ANGRY.

Duly noted.

So, in the spirit of embracing my faults, I’ve made up some #angryvalentines on behalf of chained dogs.

These reflect what I think they’d really say if they could. Because life on a chain? It’d make you angry too.


When I ran Dogs Deserve Better, students and dog-lovers across the nation created handmade and very touching Valentines for us, which we paired with addresses of chained dogs and sent in the mail.

No matter how sweet and heartwarming the Valentines were, the recipients were typically pissed-off about receiving them. And we dealt with hundreds of angry phone calls.


From dog chainers. Who felt it was their damn right to chain any animal any way they wanted.

Because they’re assholes.


These Valentines won’t change the world. People tell me reaching out and finding common ground with dog chainers is what works best. And they’re probably right.


But screw it. These are the Valentines I never got to send when I was with DDB. And now I can.

Feel free to print one out and stick it on your dog-chaining neighbors door.


AND YOU CAN. (But then you should run.)



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