Bug Fetish or Phobia? Got a Pest Problem and Don’t Know Where to Turn? Now’s Your Chance to Save $1 on Our Latest Book During our Kindle Pre-Order Phase

Richard is a vegan and animal lover in addition to his interest in bugs and snakes, and he’s quite the character, too! I highly recommend his new book. His history and path to The Bugman makes for good reading, and the many, MANY tips on how to naturally removes pests from your environment is priceless.

Who Chains You

bugmancover4loDo bugs make your skin crawl, or do you share Richard “Bugman” Fagerlund’s endless fascination with all things bug? In either case, you’ll want to jump in line to pick up his new book, Richard “Bugman” Fagerlund: My Path to the Bugman, with an Earth-Friendly Guide to Pest Management for Your Home and Garden, coming out February 17th, from Who Chains You Publishing.

Got a pest problem, and don’t know where to turn? Richard’s your man. Your Bugman, that is.

Right now we’re in our pre-order phase, which is available to Kindle Users ONLY. (Don’t worry, the paperback will be available on the 17th). And, to sweeten the deal, we’re taking $1 off during the advance sales period, so it’s available for the next week ONLY for just $3.79 in Kindle!

If you’re a Kindle reader, now’s your chance to save before the book goes live. Just order now…

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