Last Eastern Shore Hero To Do Her Jail Time for Saving Suffering Chained Dog: Asks Folks to Help a Dog in Her Honor This Weekend

Today the third of the heroes for an Eastern Shore of Virginia chained dog will probably be dealt a five day jail sentence, the same as Bettina Cuce Rodriguez and Gordon Shell received in May of this year.

What the Accomack County Circuit Court judge and the Commonwealth Attorney failed to understand—and it happens over and over again when love goes up against law enforcement—is that they may THINK they’re winning when they imprison someone with a heart, soul, and mind who can recognize and take action when another being is suffering…but they are so, so wrong.

To read all about what happened in Accomack County, Virginia, and see how the three ended up spending 5 days in jail (but the dog is safe, free, and LOVED!) read this blog post:


Shocky Boyajian, the third and final hero for the suffering dog, goes to court for her sentencing today, and she wrote this inspiring piece and shared the above image on her Facebook page. I’m honored to share her words, below, with you.


“Finally on the way to what is hopefully my last trip to the Accomack County Courthouse. Barring some sort of intervention from beyond, I’ll be spending the next 5 days in jail for taking a distressed and dying dog off of it’s chain. A drop in the bucket compared to the lifetime that a chained dog spends wishing someone would do something to help them; wishing they could be inside of a home with someone who cares. Someone who would actually miss them if they were gone. Someone who would want them back if they suddenly went missing. Someone who would give a damn if they were alive or dead. Instead of someone who was offended that people who actually care took their discarded “property”…their living and breathing “property”.

Here is what I want and would LOVE to see posted on my page when I get out in just a few short days. Nothing about me, don’t worry about how I’m doing, if I’m eating, what it’s like in there. Trust me when I tell you I will be just fine…. I’m calling it my pre holiday diet 😉. What I want is for each and every person who is worried or wondering about me to do something for a shelter or rescue dog between now and Tuesday. Then take a picture and post it on my page. Drop off a bag of dog food, some old sheets, blankets or towels, some dog toys, some treats. Go to a fundraising event. Go to your local shelter or rescue and spend some time with a homeless dog. If you see a stray dog or a dog (or any animal for that matter) in distress, call someone, do something about it. Encourage someone to spay or neuter their pet. Drive a leg of a transport. And most importantly, (because anyone can do this) if you hear someone talking about going to a pet store or breeder, tell them that there are happy, healthy dogs of all shapes, sizes and ages just down the street at their local shelter or rescue. Explain to them that those dogs didn’t get here on purpose and no one is making money off of them, quite the opposite actually. Explain to them that in many cases these dogs once had homes but have now been discarded like an old sofa and they would love nothing more than to know that feeling again. The feeling of having a forever family of their very own. Explain to them that these dogs die every single day because there are too many of them. If you need any guidance on ways you can help this weekend, post it on my page and I’m sure one of my rescue friends will point you in the right direction. I would love to have a million posts (and of course pictures of pooches) when I come out on Tuesday!!!

Don’t think that doing something small isn’t doing something big because that’s not the case. Amazing things continue to happen in the rescue world as a result of groups of dedicated people each doing their part. Someone sent me a quote when this whole thing began and I remember it every day:

“We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there too.”

My continued love and admiration to all three of these heroes who took a beating for saving a dog who’d been taking a beating his whole life. Well done.


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