Dog Chainers for Trump


It should come as no surprise that someone who chains their dog for life would also be a Trump supporter. After all, these guys are probably wearing white hoods at their weekend gatherings anyway. Who has the time what with all these meetings to properly care for the family pet?

What MAY come as a surprise to many dog lovers in America—who aren’t regularly exposed to the horrors of 24/7 dog chaining—is that dumping a dog in the backyard on a six foot chain is still A-OK today in most of the country.

Yes, that’s right. In much of the U.S. CHAINING A DOG FOR LIFE IS NOT AGAINST THE LAW.

If that isn’t Deplorable, I don’t know what is.

I have spoken to the folks who ‘own’ this particular dog in Culpeper County, Virginia in the past. I have given them educational information about dog chaining, and told them to call me if they were willing to release him to rescue. Crickets.

They have no interest in allowing this dog to have a better life.

Where there is no law to protect dogs dumped in the backyard, concerned citizens such as myself can do nothing but watch from afar as these dogs’ lives go downhill—as their fur dulls, as depression takes hold, and they give up all hope for a richer life.

I’d say this dog has now hit rock bottom, given the slump of his shoulders.

For a country who claims to LOVE our pets so much, this behavior SHOULD be unacceptable.

Yet, I’d wager the behavior is acceptable in an oddly direct proportion to the percentage of people voting for Donald Trump.

After all, if you don’t believe in equal rights for foreigners, for people of color, for people of different sexual orientations, or for women, why the fuck would you SPEND A SECOND OF YOUR TIME WORRYING about the needs of WHAT TO YOU IS NOTHING MORE THAN A PIECE OF PROPERTY?

If you ARE actually a human who LOVES your dog, who understands that dogs need to live inside with their humans, but you are still voting for Trump, I would ask you to take a good look at the company you’re keeping.

Looks pretty deplorable to me.

P.S. Do you live near a house with a chained dog and a proudly-displayed Trump sign? If so, please take a pic and hashtag it with #DogChainersforTrump. I know this house isn’t the only one. Together we can create a virtual exhibit!