What Happens to Dogs (and Cats) Chained in This Super-Hot Weather?


Just one of the millions of dogs left outside for life

They die.

The end.

At what point will this ending be considered absolutely unacceptable in America? How many deaths of our companion animals tossed out onto the ends of chains will it take before Animal Control officers and Lawmakers consider it cruel just to leave them out there to suffer in the elements?

I hate the heat of summer and the freezing cold of winter, because I become totally stressed out over the plight of chained and penned dogs. I know many citizens who are forced to see chaining every day feel the exact same way. I’m not alone in this.

According to this article, the summer heat will only continue to escalate through the coming years:

“For the first time ever, NASA created a mid-year climate report — because this year is so goddamn out-of-control hot. Every month so far this year has broken a temperature record, according to the report. Taken together, the first six months are also the warmest six months on record, with average temperatures about 1.3 Celsius above late-19th-century temperatures.”


Chain your dog for life? Then I want to talk to YOU.

(No, I’m not talking to you all who tether little Fufu out for a potty break three times a day. I’m talking to the REAL chainers.)


As if it’s not bad enough that you:

  1. Steal every second of pleasure your dog is entitled to.
  2. Give your dog nothing he needs in the way of learning or socialization with humans.
  3. Render your dog defenseless to every predator—both man and animal—that comes his way.
  4. Treat a living being like she’s part of the trash you pile around your house.
  5. Take out your pain and suffering at your lot in life on the helpless being who depends on you.
  6. Expect others to watch the suffering and take special delight in making them feel the same pain your dog feels.


You also, unilaterally and without a single shred of remorse, ALLOW YOUR DOG TO SUFFER AND DIE IN EXTREME HEAT AND EXTREME COLD.

I can only assume this is because…YOU’RE ASSHOLES. I’ve really tried to think of another reason it can be…but nope. I got nothing else.

Because, I KNOW that you know better. I KNOW you know that you’re doing something wrong.

Do you know how I know that? Because you lie about it.

And if you believed what you are doing was right, you would feel no need to lie about it.

Even though you leave your dog outside 24/7, (which I know because neighbors tell me, always) you will STILL tell caring citizens and animal control the following lies:

  1. My dog comes inside at night. Lie.
  2. My dog comes inside when it gets really cold. Lie.
  3. My dog comes inside when it gets really hot. Lie.
  4. My dog gets fresh food and water daily. Lie.
  5. My dog likes it out there. Lie.

I don’t have the power to come to each of your homes and open rescue your poor dog off that chain—which is what each of the millions of dogs chained or penned outside right now deserves. They deserve better than you. And I don’t have enough lifetimes to do all the jailtime I’d get for having the guts to stand up to each of you assholes.

But what I do have is this blog, and this voice, and this moment, to STAND AGAINST WHAT YOU ARE DOING, and tell you it’s wrong. Which is, yeah, pretty goddamn pitiful.

But you already know that what you’re doing is wrong.

Now, will you choose to do anything about it?

God help your dogs in this heat.

P.S. Just in case you are that one in a hundred who will DO SOMETHING, here are some suggestions. Bring the dog inside, today, and ask for help from a local rescue group for housetraining and vet care options if needed. Most will help you if they see you are sincerely seeking help. Or, give the dog up to a local rescue group, if you’re not willing to have a dog inside your home. (Then DON’T get another dog and repeat the pattern.)