The Month of July Shall Henceforth be Dubbed “Chain Off Month”

When I was with Dogs Deserve Better, we always did a Chain Off week or month in July, around the 4th to draw comparisons between how our country was free, but our dogs certainly are not. For the last two years since I’ve left DDB, they’ve done nothing with the event, AND you will find not a slip of the oh-so-fabulous history of Chain Off on their site these days. It’s like it never existed.

But, luckily for US and the chained dogs, I have all that history and will share it with you this month; and since they are no longer using the term Chain Off, I hereby declare it as OFFICIALLY BELONGING TO THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD. And, further, I declare the Month of July shall hereafter be known as CHAIN OFF MONTH. You’re welcome.

Ah, it’s good to be queen. Of these sorts of proclamations, at least.

But seriously.


Christy Noullet starts her #chainfreedogs campaign

In the spirit of the World-Owned Chain Off Month, I share this challenge from Christy Noullet in Georgia:

No Chains on Dogs Challenge from Christy: I challenge you, a dog lover, a humane and ethical person to chain yourself up!! Make a note that says #Chainfreedogs. On the bottom, please include your city and state. Then share to facebook, twitter and instagram with the hashtag #Chainfreedogs Lets be the voice for the dogs that suffer on the end of ropes, chains tethers and trolleys everyday. This chain is 6 ft long and weighs at least 10 lbs.

I will be joining Christy in this Challenge in the next few days and posting my photo. If you join us, please tag me on Facebook or e-mail me your pic and statement to and I’ll add you to an upcoming blog.

She also has a petition she needs signatures for too:

Dogs are dying in the summer heat all across America. We can’t stop raising our voices for their freedom and safety. Chain Up with us just long enough to add your voice to the Chain Off and #Chainfreedogs campaign. Let’s make a difference, together.


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