RIP Jada: A Colorful Life for a Black and White Dog


Sherri Barter with Jada in the field, March 2014

I was saddened to hear the news today that one of our most ‘colorful’ dogs from my time at the Good Newz Rehab Center has passed away from cancer. RIP, Jada. You will always hold a special place in my heart!




Jada was rescued by volunteer Monica Severy from a ditch beside the road in the Chesapeake area of Virginia. She was covered in road rash, and we believe she was thrown from a moving vehicle.

Monica provided her with immediate vet care, and then asked if we’d take Jada under our wing at the center. We did. She ended up spending the next 2-1/2 years with us while she waited for her forever home.


Two gorgeous dogs, exploring the field together. Look at how beautifully she healed!

Jada had a mind of her own, and she could be iffy with other dogs, which is how she ended up with Copper—party of two, please! They loved each other, and became quite bonded, playing and exploring the field together twice a day. We were super excited when they were adopted together in July 2014, to a young man in the local area.



Jada the day she was seized. She was in excellent health!



But before her happy ending, Jada endured a seizure by Vick’s “Surry County Buddies” under Gerald Poindexter in 2012, where she was taken to the same facility from which two of Vick’s dogs ‘mysteriously disappeared.’

It was a smear campaign to force me and Dogs Deserve Better to leave the county—because they’d obviously much rather have dog fighters there than animal rescuers.

We were absolutely terrified that Jada would disappear too! Isn’t it interesting that of all the dogs we had in house, they chose to seize a pitbull? When it was obvious from the photos taken ON THE DAY SHE WAS SEIZED that she was a perfectly healthy and happy dog?

Fearing the worst, we sent a vet and staff members up to the Surry County, VA animal control facility to check on Jada. She wasn’t there, but they got a good first hand look at how they were caring for the dogs in their facility. It was not good. The below photo was taken after 1:00 p.m.—during their open hours—and the dogs had not yet been cared for. They had no food or water, and their pens were littered with feces. These are the people who deemed it their right to seize our perfectly healthy dog?

And, where were they keeping Jada? We were distraught.


The disgusting conditions at the Surry facility…during open hours! No food or water, feces everywhere.

The Surry County AC was required by VA law to give us a hearing about our dog within ten days. In violation of the law, we never received notice of a hearing date or time; our attorney found out when it was and informed us to show up anyway. We brought ten witnesses and a vet, and their AC officer brought…just herself. No vet…no witnesses.

They actually tried to postpone the hearing, but the judge didn’t let them get away with it…


Judge orders Jada returned to DDB. Thank Dog he wasn’t on the Surry County payroll!

The judge ruled that there was a VERY CLEAR LACK of EVIDENCE of cruelty, and ordered Jada returned to us. Their AC officer then again tried to get out of returning her immediately, so the judge gave her three days to give her back to us. What were they doing with Jada all that time?

When she finally got ‘home,’ we had a cake for her, and she took a nice oatmeal doggie shampoo bubble bath (in Vick’s former Jacuzzi tub, no less!) to celebrate.

DDB and myself ended up suing Surry County for their smear campaign, and received an undisclosed settlement amount from them in 2015.

Jada had her happy ending, and spent two years in her forever home in southern Virginia with Copper and her ‘daddy.’ I’m incredibly sad that she has left us too soon, and I will always be grateful to this young man for stepping up and giving the two dogs a home together. Thank you!

RIP my sweet girl. I love you, and I hope to see you someday at the bridge. We beat a corrupt system, together.

Here are a few more pics of Jada for your enjoyment. She healed up to be a gorgeous dog!



Here’s to you, Jada!


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