Come to Accomack, They Said. It’s By the Beach, They Said. You Can Watch Us Abuse Our Animals, They Meant.


Just one of the many starving Accomack County, VA dogs. Not one of the dogs in the photos you will see in this blog has been helped by animal control. They’ve all been helped by concerned citizens. Animal control has stood firmly on the side of the abusers time after time.

A couple I’ve known for years moved to Accomack County, Virginia awhile back, with the promise of ‘beach living, for a song.’ But of course, at the time they didn’t know the promise was too good to be true. They hadn’t yet found out the song’s chorus.

“You can watch us abuse our animals, but you’d better shut the fuck up about it. Lalala, Dedumdededum.” (I know, it’s a catchy tune, admittedly.)

Today, my friend told me “I can’t wait to get out of here.”

Yeah, I get it.


This dog was rescued, but her health was so poor, that she got only 9 weeks of love—it was the best 9 weeks of her life.

I’ve heard about Accomack County ever since I moved DDB to Vick’s old home in Surry County—which, believe me, is playing a similar chorus. Why do you think Vick felt comfy building his dogfighting ring there?

Ironically, today one of Vick’s most vocal detractors, Gordon Shell, was sentenced to five days in jail for RESCUING A STARVING DOG CHAINED IN 11 DEGREE WEATHER in Accomack County, along with the beautiful Bettina Cuce Rodriguez, whose trial I attended and blogged about in March.


This is where the dog at the heart of the court case ‘lived.’ The doghouse was donated by another woman—the owner didn’t even provide one—and he readily admitted he had NEVER taken the dog to the vet. EVER. Yep, that’s love alright!

[For all us animal lovers, never fear…today the dog is in a happy home and safe, so their efforts were NOT for naught.]

Bettina was apparently tagged by the judge to be the ‘mastermind’ of the operation, since she got an additional 50 hours of community service that Gordon didn’t get. Or was it because she’s a woman, and maybe she needed a little extra punishment to put her back in her place? Was she getting too uppity? [I don’t know. I get so confused when masterful males start throwing testosterone around.]

Both folks got a $1000 fine, too, just for good measure. They were informed they had gotten off easy, because the initial felony for this dastardly deed of helping a ‘worthless mutt’ was so kindly dropped down to a misdemeanor. Puh-lease!


Guess what that is on this rescued dog? A toenail! Ew! WTF!

Here’s the article from today’s verdict and sentencing of Bettina and Gordon:

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, don’t forget that Peta’s folks were caught in Accomack on camera stealing a dog right off a guy’s porch, killing said dog, and then saying “Oops, our bad. Here’s a fruit basket.” That was OK with Accomack.

Despite the incontrovertible evidence of both theft AND cruelty on Peta’s part, no charges were ever filed against them.


Another Accomack dog with neck injury. (This is not the dog from the trial.)

The message Accomack County, VA is sending loud and clear  both to its citizens and any ‘outsiders’ who might try to help the animals is: ANIMALS ARE WORTHLESS HERE. SO ARE YOU IF YOU TRY TO HELP THEM. IF YOU JOIN US IN TORTURING AND KILLING THEM, YOU’RE OK. BUT DON’T YOU DARE TRY TO SAVE THEM…YOU WILL BE PUNISHED. SEVERELY.

Fuck off, Accomack County authorities. I don’t live there. I don’t have a nonprofit anymore. I don’t have to be politically correct.

And I’m angry.


Today you are throwing two people in jail for five days because they had the courage to do what is right. To save the life. To NOT be pieces of shit and leave a dog to suffer and die chained in the cold.

If your citizens aren’t angry, then they aren’t paying attention.

Or, they are just as cruel and heartless as the county in which they live.


Bettina with her husband and lawyer.

Here’s Bettina’s post about her sentence:

“Today I went up to Accomack County under the advisement of my legal counsel to take a plea deal of guilty for a misdemeanor. As most of you know the original charge was for a felony, so this seemed like a better alternative. Although to this day I don’t feel that I am guilty of a crime by rescuing a dog that was half dying on the end of a chain in 11 degree weather, I learned that sometimes playing the “game” of the legal system is what you have to do to move on. Every person involved in the judicial system from here to the west coast told me I wouldn’t get anything but a small fine. Unfortunately, everyone was mistaken. Gordon Shell and I were used to be made examples of. It was clear that this punishment was to deter others from aiding animals needing rescue. WEll they are mistaken. I will fight with every fiber of my being to change laws so that people cannot abuse animals. Although I will never step foot on the Eastern shore after my jail time, I will work within the law to expose the abuse, neglect and corruption that has become all too common in rural areas. Thank you so much to everyone for the support. Please learn a lesson from this – don’t be BULLIED. Let your principles, morals, and ethics take precadence when it comes to helping human life and animals. Thank you to my family, friends and fellow animal lovers for all of the love and support over these last 16 months. Its been emotional and rough but I can look in the mirror and live with myself knowing I prevented an animal from dying cold, alone, and scared on a chain.”

Here’s Gordon’s post about his sentence:

Read more, get angry with me, and take action in these backwoods counties of Virginia! This abuse of our companions and those who act to save their lives must end.


Postcard made by Accomack Resident about the failure of animal control to do their jobs.


I say we FLOOD this judge with letters! He needs to see that he’s standing on the wrong side of history! See the address above.


As a finale, let me repeat MY chorus. It goes something like this: “Fuck Off Accomack County, VA. You treat animals and caring citizens like shit. Lalala. Dedumdededum.”

I like my chorus better.

Please, write the judge, and the DA, Gary Agar, at the same address, above.

To Bettina and Gordon: “I’m sorry. You Deserve Better. You are on the right side of history, and showing the world it’s time for a Good Samaritan Law for Animals in all 50 states. Thank you for being martyrs for the dogs!

You can sing my chorus in jail. Or make up an even better one and tell us when you get out.”

P.S. Don’t forget to read the Accomack VA animal control inspection, below. No wonder they don’t care about dogs in the county…they don’t even take care of their own facility.


 Time for CHAIN-GE, Virginia. Time for chain-ge.