DDB Employee Raises Money for ‘Greener Pastures’ Founder, Who’s Charged with 3 Felonies and 4 Misdemeanors Related to the Animal Rescue

It just keeps getting better and better with the new and improved Dogs Deserve Better.

Where to even start on this one? Hmmm. First, a little history:


Sheba’s beautiful face

In July of 2015, Dogs Deserve Better tried to send OAS rescue feral dog Sheba to live at Greener Pastures Rescue in Pennsylvania—but staff members, myself, and some board members fought her ‘extradition.’

This was the second time Greener Pastures founder Samantha Frey and DDB’s Rescue Coordinator Robin Budin conspired to send her to this rescue—where I was to learn SHE WOULD LIVE OUTSIDE.


The first time Samantha and Robin tried to move her to Greener Pastures was about six months prior, while I was still with Dogs Deserve Better.

Robin Budin brought Samantha Frey to the Good Newz Rehab Center to ‘teach us how to interact with Sheba.’ She claimed that Samantha was better with dogs than our staff was, citing that Samantha had Sheba’s sister Lizzie at Greener Pastures and (in her opinion) had made more progress than we had with Sheba.

I was open to anything that would help, but when I arrived at the center that afternoon, staff members were beside themselves at the way they were being treated and looked down upon by Robin. Shortly after I got there, Robin and Samantha drugged Sheba, lassooed her, and attempted to forcibly ‘tame’ her.  Sheba, understandably, was so terrified she shit herself; staff was near tears, I was horrified, and I put a stop to this supposed ‘taming’ in short order, telling them NO MORE.

If that was their idea of helping Sheba, I’d let her be feral.

Sheba had a good life. She went on walks with the pack, she knew the doggie door, and she would go into her crate to eat and to sleep without incident. No, no one could sit and pet her, but she usually had a favorite female staff member that she would enthusiastically greet and even come up to and touch with her nose throughout the day. She had lots of doggie play mates, and I think her life was pretty sweet compared to the hell she came from.

Despite the horror show ‘training episode,’ Robin still wanted me to send Sheba to live with Samantha. Staff and I were very protective of Sheba; we loved her. I told Samantha that there was no way I’d even consider it without seeing her facility. (Not that I was considering it by that point, but I wanted to see the ‘progress’ with Lizzie.)


Sheba and Babe explore the field together.

It was then (when she thought I’d be visiting Greener Pastures) that Samantha admitted to me that LIZZIE LIVED OUTSIDE. WTF? This was supposedly a better life for Sheba than at our facility?

No. No way.

Robin then claimed that she didn’t know Lizzie lived outside. I don’t believe that for a second.

Once I had left the organization in April 2015, Robin tried AGAIN to send Sheba to live at Greener Pastures. Even though SHE KNEW SHE WOULD LIVE OUTSIDE THERE.

Former DDB employee Julie Sayre stood against it, and lost her job because of it. She was told to ‘Sit Down and SHUT UP.’

Then I applied to adopt Sheba, and was turned down. Yep, the founder of Dogs Deserve Better, turned down to adopt a dog from her own organization. A dog she fought for, was arrested for, and then drove 5000 miles round trip to pick up and bring back to the center.

As proof that this really did transpire, below is my e-mail to a board member pleading Sheba’s case, with his response:

Please for Sheba


In what could be none other than a power play, DDB director Denise Cohn forced out the employee who stood against her, as well as the board president. She refused to allow me to adopt Sheba, further proving to me that Sheba’s best interests were NOT the priority.

Where is Sheba today?

Isn’t that the $100,000 question? Ostensibly, as of December, she was still at the Good Newz Rehab Center in Smithfield, VA.

However, I can’t help but worry that she could have been sent to Greener Pastures on the downlow.

If that’s the case current events at that organization would affect her as well as Lizzie and fellow OAS dog Caleb, and all the other animals at that rescue.

As part of my research into Greener Pastures when they tried to send Sheba there, I drove by the facility, and observed for myself the line of kennels behind the house. I was unable to get a photo because it’s on a curve and not a good place to stop and photograph.

I also did some online research, and was astounded by what I found out about Samantha (whose first name is really Tracy) Frey. Greener Pastures IS NOT a 501c3, IRS registered charitable organization. They are also not registered as a charitable organization in the state of PA, and in fact were issued a cease and desist letter in April of 2015, which you see below.


Tracy Samantha Frey is also a convicted felon, according to the state of Pennsylvania criminal records, for theft by deception and various counts of forgery that came to a head in 2012. In addition, there are charges from 2003 for theft which it appears were pled down to ARD. Highlights are below.

This week Samantha was sent to jail and charged with three felonies and four misdemeanors, all having to do with the unregistered nonprofit and alleged co-mingling of funds—at a minimum. The felonious charges are: Theft by Unlawful Taking, Theft by Deception, and Theft by Failing to Make Required Dispensation of Funds. The Misdemeanors are Charities/Prohibited Acts, Prohibited Acts, Solicitation Limitation, and Records to be Kept. I have put articles at the end of this blog that pertain to some of these charges.





So, to sum things up: Dogs Deserve Better tried to send Sheba to live OUTSIDE, at a non-registered dog rescue, with a convicted felon—but REFUSED to allow the founder of Dogs Deserve Better, the woman who raised the funds and PAID OFF THE $595,000 FACILITY where they now sit their fat asses, to adopt the dog she rescued.

Sounds legit.

To take matters even further, however, then Robin Budin, who is the rescue coordinator for Dogs Deserve Better, held AN ONLINE FUNDRAISER FOR SAMANTHA, and she used her DDB title in what appears to be an effort to legitimize the donations! (Here’s the link, if you’re dumb enough to donate after you’ve seen the above evidence, knock yourself out: [Oopsie. They’ve since taken it down or made it private after the blog hit. I thought that would happen. But, luckily, we have screen shots below so you can see that it was put up and she was raising money for Samantha through it.] https://www.youcaring.com/greener-pastures-529028#.VtCupX_Vq4g.facebook)



Robin is claiming that the charges are patently false, and that Samantha’s bank account and the bank account of the organization are one and the same.


Well, IF that’s true, that’s NOT OK. You can’t co-mingle organizational funds with your own bank account. EVER. BUT, I don’t even believe that’s the truth.

Consider this evidence, below, from the PA justice system website, where it shows Samantha used GREENER PASTURES funds to pay on her fines and restitution for the last conviction. (Yeah, that’s not illegal.) Tell me, why would it say Greener Pastures as the Payor if she didn’t pay with a check from the organization? (That’s $800 in misappropriated funds right there!)



Yikes! That’s not good, eh? Seems to me to be evidence for the current charges available right on the court website.

Dogs Deserve Better, if you’re ‘allowing’ your staff member to raise money for this woman using your name, you deserve whatever comes to you as a result.

I certainly hope you haven’t sent Sheba there to live…that will not end well.

I know that there are folks trying to get Lizzie and Caleb out of Greener Pastures and into other rescues. I assume other local groups will step in and help with the other animals that need places to go.

Samantha Frey, you need to do the right thing and let Lizzie and Caleb—and all the animals—go to rescues that can give them the care they deserve.

DDB, I would suggest you do the right thing, and allow me to adopt Sheba immediately, but I assume that will continue to fall on deaf ears. Shame. Sheba sure deserves better than the treatment she’s getting at your hands.

As I keep saying, I believe actions, not words.

Below, are some articles related to the above detailing Samantha Frey’s history with monetarily related incidents:


Police: Woman used $128K in shelter donations for personal use

CHAMBERSBURG – A Marion woman who owns a “no kill” animal rescue was due in court Tuesday for an initial hearing on charges for allegedly spending more than $128,000 in donations made to the rescue for her personal use.

Tracy Samantha Frey, 57, is charged with felony theft by unlawful taking, theft by deception and theft by failure to make required deposit of funds, and misdemeanor violations of records to be kept, solicitation limitation, prohibited acts and prohibited acts of charities.

According to court documents, the Pennsylvania Department of State Bureau of Corporations and Charitable Organizations began investigating Frey with Pennsylvania State Police, Chambersburg, in January. The bureau received an anonymous tip regarding Greener Pastures No Kill Animal Rescue, Frey’s shelter located on Social Island Road south of Chambersburg.

Upon investigation, authorities became concerned that Greener Pastures was soliciting contributions without being registered as a charitable organization.

A letter was sent to Frey requesting registration requirements, and Frey sent bank statements from F&M Bank and a letter  in return. Once reviewed, there was more concern about the way funds were being spent, so a subpoena was sent to F&M Bank and Susquehanna Bank requesting Greener Pastures’ records. Frey was also issued a subpoena for her financial documentation, donation information and expenses for the organization.

Upon reviewing the information, investigators found that Frey was writing checks from the Greener Pastures bank account for payments unrelated to operations of the animal rescue.

Included in these payments were more than $10,000 to a man who built an addition on Frey’s house, a space that allowed her father to reside with her. Other checks seen were for defense attorneys, probation payment division, the IRS for past due taxes, vehicle payments, restaurants, and an estimated $30,758 to JPMorgan for Frey’s mortgage.

During the audit, investigators found that Frey was receiving donations with specific animals’ names on the checks, and the checks were deposited into Frey’s personal bank accounts, not Greener Pastures’ account. Frey also is accused of purchasing three money orders using the Greener Pastures account that she then issued to herself, her husband and The Morrow Group. The money order she issued to herself was deposited into her personal bank account.

When Frey was providing information, investigators say she did not provide all that was requested. Investigators also found that Greener Pastures does not have any employees, directors, officers or trustees, and that the shelter does not own any real or personal property, nor does it have any loans.

Investigators spoke with Frey’s probation officer, and the officer looked at the list of recipients of money and found that several of the checks written from and signed from the Greener Pastures account were written to people associated with Frey, including people who had previously been on probation or were related to people on probation.

Frey has faced a number of charges over more than the past decade. She was charged in 2003 with theft, for which she was placed in the county’s Acceleration Rehabilitation Disposition program. In 2011 she was charged with forgery and theft by deception, stemming from actions from 2008. In that case, Frey pleaded guilty to forgery and was sentenced to four years of probation as a part of an intermediate punishment sentence. She was also on electronic monitoring for six months and had a restitution of more than $20,000 to pay.

Though scheduled to have a preliminary hearing Tuesday, the results of the hearing were not available Tuesday afternoon.

And more:

Chambersburg woman accused of stealing funds from her no-kill animal shelter

February 28, 2016 / Penn Live.com

A 56-year-old Franklin County woman has been accused of stealing funds from an area no-kill animal shelter.

Tracy Frey, of Chambersburg, was charged by the Pennsylvania State Police at Chambersburg with theft by unlawful taking, theft by deception, theft by failure to make required disposition of funds received and several other charges regarding charitable organizations.

According to police, from January to May of 2015, Frey would accept money from donations for the Greener Pastures No Kill Shelter on Social Island Road, Guilford Township, and put a portion of the donations in her personal bank account.

Police say Frey also took money from the shelter’s bank account.

An amount of the funds she is accused of stealing was not immediately available.

Frey is set for a preliminary hearing on March 1.


Woman Sentenced For Forging Dead Man’s Name

Sentence Includes Repaying $20,000

January 12, 2012 / WGAL

MARION, Pa. —A Marion-area woman has been sentenced for forgery in an attempt to steal from a dead man’s family.

Tracy Frey, 52, was sentenced in Franklin County to five years of probation and ordered to pay more than $20,000 in restitution.

Frey pleaded guilty last August.


Chambersburg animal rescue owner charged with forgery

June 13, 2011/ Chambersburg Public Opinion / By Jim Tuttle

The owner of a Franklin County animal sanctuary has been charged with attempting in 2008 to steal a motorcycle, money and real estate from a deceased man’s family.

Tracy Samantha Frey, 52, of 924 Social Island Road, Chambersburg, was charged Monday with forgery and theft by deception, both felony offenses. She was arraigned before Magisterial District Judge Kelly Rock and released on $2,500 unsecured bail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for 9 a.m. Tuesday.

According to a police affidavit, Frey is accused of attempting to collect the property from Daniel G. Snyder Sr.’s estate by forging his signature on alleged amendments to his will.
An obituary published in Public Opinion indicates that Snyder, 57, died Jan. 15, 2008 in an automobile crash near Martinsburg, W.Va. Frey was not listed among family members mentioned in the obituary.

Police allege that she had drawn up a fraudulent codicil, which is a legal document designed to alter a previously executed will. The codicil was apparently notarized Jan. 14, 2008 by Guilford Township Notary Peggy Melius, who has also run afoul of the law in the past.

Melius pleaded guilty in October to five counts of tampering with records in an unrelated case from 2010. She was sentenced to 24 months’ probation.

The codicil indicated that Frey was to receive Snyder’s Harley-Davidson motorcycle, $75,000 to pay off her mortgage, and the lower east pasture of Snyder’s family farm at 925 Lehman Road, Chambersburg.

The pasture included a fence, gates and a recently built barn.

According to the affidavit, the property value amounted to $150,000 and rightfully belonged to Snyder’s widow, Linda Marie Snyder. Contacted by Public Opinion on Tuesday, she said Frey never got the property while the codicil remained in question. She declined to comment further.

A forensic document examiner determined that both signatures on the codicil were forgeries, based on evidence including “corrections to the signatures, unusual letter formation and an overall poorer line quality,” the affidavit states.

Robert Lesnevich examined the signatures and told police that they were not written by Daniel D. Snyder Sr. He compared the two suspect signatures to those found elsewhere in the man’s will. “The signatures are inconsistent with the standard signatures in both the formation and execution,” the affidavit states.

Frey owns and operates Greener Pastures No Kill Animal Rescue on her property. A woman feeding animals at the sanctuary Tuesday evening said

Frey was not around, but agreed to pass on a message.

Her attorney, Todd Sponseller, called Public Opinion a short while later.

“These charges just came down today. We are now initiating our investigation of them,” he said, adding that he would not discuss any details of the case.

“You’ve got a defendant here who is presumed innocent until proven guilty,” he said.

“This is an ongoing matter.”

Greener Pastures owner Tracey Frey charged with forgery

June 8, 2011 / Waynesboro Record Herald

Marion, Pa. —Tracey Samantha Frey, 52, of 924 Social Island Road, the owner of a Franklin County animal sanctuary, was charged with forgery for attempting to get a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, $75,000 in cash and real estate from a deceased man’s family in 2008.

Frey is the owner of Greener Pastures No Kill Animal Rescue, which is located on her property near Marion.

Frey was charged Monday with forgery and theft by deception after attempting to collect property from Daniel G. Snyder Sr.’s estate by forging a name on a codicil, an amendment to his will, according to Pennsylvania State Police.

On the forged codicil, Frey was to gain ownership of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle, $75,000 to help pay the mortgage at 924 Social Island Road and the lower east pasture of Snyder’s family farm at 925 Lehman Road, which included fence, gates and a barn.
The loss of property totals $125,000, according to Pennsylvania State Police.

A preliminary hearing for Frey is scheduled for 9 a.m. Tuesday, June 1



Animal Sanctuary Owner Faces 16 Citations

November 24, 2010 / Chambersburg Public Opinion / By Jim Tuttle

The owner of an animal sanctuary in Marion has been cited for allegedly operating without a kennel license and failing to vaccinate over a dozen animals against rabies.

Tracy Samantha Frey, 51, was issued 16 citations Friday by state Dog Warden Georgia Martin. Frey operates Greener Pastures No Kill Animal Rescue at 924 Social Island Road.
She allegedly violated state law by keeping more than 25 dogs over the course of a year without a kennel license. According to the citation, Frey had at least 45 dogs during 2010.

“Defendant had a kennel license in the past and was aware of the law,” Martin wrote on the citation, which was filed along with the others at Magisterial District Judge Kelly Rock’s office.

According to the citation, Martin provided Frey with copies of the state’s dog law twice in 2003, twice in 2005 and once in 2006.

Nine other citations allege that Frey failed two provide the rabies vaccine to house cats named Sam, Tipper, Lilly, Quincy, Jeff, Salem, Torie, Tom and Sally.

Five more citations allege that dogs named Jack, Tinker Belle, Katie, Charlie and Dangie were not vaccinated against rabies as required by law.

A final citation alleges that Scooby Doo, a “Shiba mix type” dog, was not licensed for 2010.

Failure to license and failure to vaccinate each carry a maximum fine of $300 if Frey is found guilty. The charge of operating an unlicensed kennel carries a maximum fine of $500.

A phone message left for Frey on Wednesday was returned by Todd Sponseller, an attorney representing the sanctuary.

He said Frey received the citations in the mail Monday, and has not yet responded to the charges. Law provides her 10 days to respond.

“We have not been shown any evidence of wrongdoing, we only received the citations,” Sponseller said.

Since “these are matters currently before the court,” he said, “to comment on them at this time would not be prudent.”

“I will say that Greener Pastures does provide a valuable service for Franklin County,” he added.

According to the sanctuary’s website, Frey founded Greener Pastures in 2000, and the rescue operates entirely on private donations.

“We currently care for over 200 animals at our Rescue, including dogs, cats, horses, donkeys, sheep, goats, geese and ducks, chickens, and pigs. All too often, an animal arrives at our doorstep an innocent victim of neglect or cruelty,” one section of the website states.

Greener Pastures’ answering machine message on Wednesday said that “on a grim note,” the sanctuary is no longer accepting any homeless or unwanted animals because the facility has reached its capacity and is lacking in donations.

Dog Law Citations Field Against Tracy Samantha Frey

October 4, 2006 / Chambersburg Public Opinion

MARION — Two citations have been filed against Tracy Samantha Frey, owner and operator of Greener Pastures No-Kill Animal Refuge, for failing to immunize 14 house cats for rabies and license two dogs.

One of the two non-traffic citations alleges Frey had an unlicensed sheepdog and an unlicensed petit basset griffon vendeen at the refuge on Social Island Road. The other alleges Frey had 14 cats in her home that had not been vaccinated against rabies by a licensed veterinarian.

Each of the citations carries a maximum fine of $300.

Frey pleaded guilty to a charge of having an unlicensed dog or dogs at the refuge in December 2003 and was fined $50 at that time.