How about that Dog Scene in “Room,” Huh?

room-movie-poster-01-972x1440As a movie buff and an animal activist, I’m always interested in how animals are portrayed in the movies, and what messages these portrayals are sending to the viewing public.

This year I had seen every movie nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture, except for “Room”. I hadn’t even heard of it before it was nominated, and I thought I had missed it in theatres.

But then I saw it was playing at one of the movie theatres in Fairfax, VA, so I snuck out there today to make my Academy Award sweep complete.

I’m sure they’re waiting on my vote; maybe I missed the memo asking for my opinion?

Never fear, my vote is here!

I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so here’s the official synopsis: Both highly suspenseful and deeply emotional, ROOM is a unique and touching exploration of the boundless love between a mother and her child. After 5-year-old Jack (Jacob Tremblay) and his Ma (Brie Larson) escape from the enclosed surroundings that Jack has known his entire life, the boy makes a thrilling discovery: the outside world. As he experiences all the joy, excitement, and fear that this new adventure brings, he holds tight to the one thing that matters most of all–his special bond with his loving and devoted Ma.

Admittedly, to me that doesn’t really sound all that exciting. But I was wrong. “Room” started slow and left me guessing as to why they were in the room, but it built from there, and the emotional nuances really sucked me into the story. By the end I felt like I’d been on a life-changing journey right along with these folks, and the movie stayed on my mind the whole way home.

That’s when I got why the reviews were so good.

The dog scene was far and away the best moment of the movie for me, and I suspect it was or would be for all my dog-loving friends. I was smiling ear to ear, and experiencing  the joy right along with Jack.

I recommend you see it for yourself, so you can smile too.

I’m giving the movie an A+, both for the overall movie-going experience, and for the portrayal of the joy that animals can bring to humans.

That’s an important message, one that every American needs to see and understand.

“Room” gets my vote for Best Picture in this year’s Oscars.

If anyone’s asking.




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