Update on DDB’s Decision to Knock Down the Last Evidence of Vick’s Dogfighting


A boy scout troop helps repair the sheds in 2014

Since I publicly came out against Dogs Deserve Better’s plan to knock down Vick’s dogfighting sheds—the last remaining evidence of the wrongdoing that occurred there —I’ve heard from many, many folks who agree this should not happen. They are asking what can be done to stop it.


Those sheds deserve to be seen by the masses…so that the horrors of dogfighting are not forgotten, and the suffering is never forgotten. They should be turned into a landmark and museum of the case against Vick and dogfighting as an animal rights issue.

This was a promise made to me from the incoming board of directors when I stepped down from the organization; that these sheds would continue to be protected, and the organization would move forward with plans to create the museum.

To read my previous blog detailing my argument against tearing them down, visit this link: https://tamirathayneuntethered.wordpress.com/2016/02/06/why-ddb-will-make-vick-and-dogfighters-very-happy-when-they-do-this/?fb_action_ids=10154509036338448&fb_action_types=news.publishes

People have also asked me where the information that they plan to knock them down comes from. Here’s the article where DDB first announced their plans publicly to remove the sheds: http://barkpost.com/walking-walk-bad-newz-kennels-good-newz-good-newz-dogs/


Dogs Deserve Better has made the following statement about me and the sheds:

(10) Denise Hewins Cohn - Messages

Those two statements, the public statement made in the BarkPost article, and the statement now being made by Denise Cohn seem to contradict either other, no?


One of the four dogfighting sheds that should be preserved so all can see the abuse that occurred here and occurs all around the world in dogfighting compounds.

Join me in demanding an ‘official statement’ from Dogs Deserve Better. Are you planning to knock down the sheds, as you stated in the article, or are you planning to move forward with the creation of the memorial museum—as promised to me, the boy scout troop who helped us, and the DDB supporters? Ask them for the truth at info@dogsdeservebetter.org.

And please, DDB, stop with the ‘twisting the truth’ bullshit. You’re either knocking them down or you’re not. There is no gray area.

Here’s what I suggest:

I maintain that these sheds should belong to ‘the people’, and that they should be protected from destruction. I’d like to see a group formed independently of Dogs Deserve Better that has the creation of the museum system using the sheds as its sole mission focus.

This would be an oversight committee, which could take over the maintenance of the sheds and raise the money to landmark the buildings and work with the groups who rescued the dogs and the dogs’ adopters to create a timeline of events and the history of the case, as well as after photos and displays of all the dogs who were saved.

I know I for one, when I was leading Dogs Deserve Better, would have welcomed such a committee, as I had my hands full just trying to get the facility off the ground.

Will the current administration?

While I understand that there may be some folks who think the sheds should just be destroyed because they are ‘ugly’ or because of the evil they housed, I whole-heartedly disagree. Yes, it might be fun to see those buildings go up in smoke…but then guess what? You have nothing left, no evidence of what occurred there, and you’ve destroyed a piece of history for the temporary satisfaction of seeing them burn.


The buildings themselves are not evil. What they were used for was evil, yes, but those buildings want to and deserve to tell their story.

I hope there’s someone out there who will take on this project. When the museum is complete, it will be something people would want to see, would travel to see—even pay to see—and Dogs Deserve Better would reap the rewards in that they would have more people coming to visit and donating for their work. It would be a win for the cause and a win for the organization.

Because, seriously, what is the point of Dogs Deserve Better staying in a county where they are not wanted or appreciated without the protection and the preservation of those sheds as an integral part of their mission?