Dogs Deserve Better Missouri Gets Own 501c3 and New Name: Congrats to Unchained Melodies!


Dogs Deserve Better-Missouri has done the smart thing: they’ve gotten their own 501c3 nonprofit status, and are changing their name to Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue.

Yippee! You can’t keep a good woman down!


What I most love about the name Unchained Melodies is that it denotes the song of the dog after he or she has been rescued and is free for the first time.

That moment the dog finally realizes maybe life CAN be better. Maybe now it WILL be better.


I LOVE that moment.

There’s no doubt that dogs living chained outside are flat out miserable. And Melody Whitworth, Sheila Ehler, and their wonderful team of volunteers and supporters in Missouri have been making a difference in chained dogs’ lives for the past 8 years.

I’m so happy that they will go on under a new and even cooler name (seriously, why didn’t I think of that?); that they haven’t let the assininity of Dogs Deserve Better stop them from their mission.

I believe in actions, not words. I believe those whose actions tell me the real story, and whose actions tell me a story I want to be part of.

Dogs Deserve Better is still spouting out some fancy words, and accusing me of telling tall tales because I’ve had to repeatedly come out against their bad behavior in the past six months, but their actions tell me all I need to know. Their words mean nothing to me.

I for one will be supporting Unchained Melodies with my donations and my volunteer time, as well as a couple other chain-free groups I can believe in over the next few years.

Melody Whitworth’s lawsuit against Dogs Deserve Better is still in progress. Dogs Deserve Better sued her in return (because God forbid they accept any wrongdoing and simply apologize and work something out), but could come up with nothing except Breach of Confidentiality. Ouch! I believe that means “We should be able to do whatever we want to you, even if it’s illegal or immoral, and you are forbidden to tell a soul about it.” Good luck with that one.

That sounds like life with an abusive spouse to me.

And thanks for squandering donations on this farce of a lawsuit and legal activity, DDB.

Here’s what Unchained Melodies Dog Rescue said about the split and the new name:

“Dogs Deserve Better Missouri, Inc. has decided to change our name to Unchained Melodies, Inc. in order to disassociate ourselves completely from Dogs Deserve Better, Inc., (DDB, Inc.) based in Virginia. Due to leadership changes within DDB, Inc. and other related reasons, we felt this was in our best interest.

We may have a new name but we are the same dedicated group of volunteers that work tirelessly for the dogs, just as we have since 2008. Unchained Melodies, Inc. Dog Rescue will continue to rescue, educate and legislate for the backyard chained/penned dog as well as fight against animal abuse. We will continue to be a boots on the ground, hands on, volunteer organization.

The name, Unchained Melodies, is representative of dogs being released from the chains that bind them. We have witnessed dogs doing the happy dance due to our rescue efforts and envision a day when no more dogs are chained or penned.

We hope you are as excited about our new name as we are and we look forward to continuing helping hundreds and thousands of dogs through continued support of our community. We hope you will follow and support our mission and share the new name and our exciting news with your friends.”