RePUPlican Sam for President: Here’s a Campaign we Dog-Lovers can Get Behind!

Honest Candidate

This is one of those “Dang, why didn’t I think of that” ideas. I love it!

Kudos to Sunny Aris and her staff at Animal Village New Mexico for thinking of running their own candidate for President. Here’s what they say about Sam’s campaign:

As the Presidential Campaign heats up across the country, RePUPlican Sam has thrown his hat into the ring! Or tail…or dog collar. Heck, he’s all in!

This adorable RePUP Candidate, a yellow lab mix currently for adoption at Animal Village NM, is deeply concerned for all those across the country who HOWL out for a more HUMANE world. Are their voices being heard?

Sam sees the lack of any animal welfare friendly candidates, and he’s decided it’s time for a chain-ge.  He deeply feels the suffering of Puppy Mill victims and the need for VIGOROUS law enforcement to close them down, and prosecute the abusers! Sam supports a NATIONWIDE animal abuser registry, the need for mandatory spay/neuter, and a nationwide BAN against any chaining of animals! RePUPlican Sam is campaigning to end the ‘declawing’ of house-lions, and stands for the quality of life for ALL ANIMALS, 4-legged AND 2-legged!

RePUPlican Sam hopes to attract caring celebrity animal advocates such as Ellen DeGeneres, Betty White, and more—and Sam intends to spread the word about the need for the funding of Animal Village NM and other excellent no-kill animal shelters in the poorer states like New Mexico.

Can you throw a dollar or two into the kitty to support RePUPlican Sam for President? The best news is, unlike the other presidential candidates, all donations to Sam’s campaign are TAX-DEDUCTIBLE. You’ll be helping spay/neuter campaigns, and care for hundreds of rescued pets at Animal Village NM and the surrounding area—one of the poorest areas in the country and with a desperate need to stop the overPUPulation problem. 

Thank you!”

I know I’ll be voting for RePUPlican Sam, and throwing a little campaign donation his way. He seems to be the best of the candidates I’ve seen so far! How about you? Here’s his campaign donation link:

P.S. Sunny and her team have always been big supporters of anti-chaining campaigns and legislation. I flew out there a couple of years ago and did a chain off with them, even chaining up with the Sheriff and one of his deputies. Yeehaw! Check out those awesome pics, below.


This was Sheriff Benny and I. Usually they don’t have a smile on their faces when they’re around me…oh, and if their arms are around me they’re just handcuffing me. haha. This was a first!


Deputy Darren


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