Update: 27 DDB Missouri Dogs Coming Closer to a Merry Christmas, Thanks to You All!

Folks are asking for an update on the 27 DDB-Missouri dogs that were grinched this year by corporate DDB (read previous blogs for all that scoop), and I’m happy to report that, thanks to YOU ALL, things are looking up!

They could still use some more support, though, so read on to learn how you can make their Christmas merrier.


Cute little Gidget with some treats she received in the mail

I took a jaunt over to their facebook page, you can become a fan here: https://www.facebook.com/DDBMissouri/

Here’s their latest post on the Sponsor a Dog for the Holidays program:

“Here are a couple of dogs from the sponsorship program with their donations of and gifts and food to spoil them a little this Christmas and to provide us with much needed food for our enormous food bill. We are working toward our goal of $100 per dog for every dog in the program. A couple of dogs have exceeded the goal and a few are half way there but many are lagging way behind. Squeaky, and Teddy have not received a sponsorship and and Sugar, Sydney and Benny have only received one sponsorship. They could still use some help!

Help us reach our goal for EVERY dog in our sponsorship program by sponsoring a dog today!  Click on the following link to view all of the dogs available for sponsorship AND adoption!


Thank you for all of your support and Happy Holidays from DDB Missouri!”


DDB Missouri also received a nice food donation, as well as a gift card donation from a wonderful supporter in PA. Kindness knows now bounds, and I’m thrilled for all who helped Melody and Sheila and the rest of the DDB Missouri volunteers not feel so ostracized and alone this holiday season. You have my sincere thanks and blessings.


All of us who spread the word about this travesty of justice and donated and stepped up in support of the 27 Missouri dogs made this Holiday Miracle happen for them. Never forget that a small group of dedicated people can change the world! And you all changed the world for these dogs. My deepest gratitude.

Still want to help? Here are the five dogs that still need sponsor donations, according to the Facebook page:


Teddy Still Needs Sponsors



Squeaky Still Needs Sponsors



Sugar still needs sponsors



Sydney still needs sponsors



Benny still needs sponsors


I remembered yesterday that Melody actually won an award from Dogs Deserve Better in February of this year before I left the organization, in recognition of all she’s done for chained dogs. What a shame and a travesty that the branch she has worked so hard to build was thrown aside so readily. I thought you’d enjoy reading about her award and a little of what she’s accomplished for chained dogs.



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