Reba is Grateful. Keep up the Momentum for DDB Missouri Dogs Who Need Some Holiday Cheer.


Two days ago I put out a blog asking for support for the 27 dogs in the Missouri branch of Dogs Deserve Better who were unceremoniously “Grinched” by Dogs Deserve Better’s national organization a couple weeks ago. (Please click here to read the full background story. Read below for the court documents Melody has filed on behalf of her branch.)

I want to thank everyone who has stepped up to sponsor one of these dogs for the holidays so far. There are 27 dogs, most of whom have never experienced a real Christmas off the chain, never known what a home and family really feels like.

These precious babies still need our support to have the holiday season they deserve. Will you help?

To sponsor one of the dogs, visit this link:

Since the blog went out, there’s been an outpouring of support for Melody, her volunteers, and the 27 dogs who’ve been ostracized from Dogs Deserve Better. Here’s a small fraction of what I’ve read:


Reba hoping for a holiday sponsor this year

I wanted to say thank you. I’ve been fostering with Melody since the beginning with a dog name Meg. Countless dogs later, I have Reba and she says THANK YOU for being you and everything you do for her. I say thank you for being a role model as I work my way through this crazy rescue thing. Just know many of us appreciate it.”–Michelle and Reba in MO

The Holidays should be a happy time of year. They SHOULD.

For the life of me I can not understand why Denise Cohn and the board of Dogs Deserve Better would take this heartless action during the holiday season.


Teddy, one of the dogs waiting for a sponsor

I have to ask: If you’re going to support a dog for the holidays…will you please choose one of Melody’s dogs? I want so badly to see them happy instead of sad this holiday season. No one deserves it more.

Here’s the link again to choose one of the 21 dogs Melody has posted for sponsorship:

What are folks saying online about this egregious trespass of kindness and holiday spirit by Dogs Deserve Better?:




Melody’s dogs at DDB-MO have been included in the Dogs Deserve Better Holiday Sponsor a Dog Program since she joined the organization in 2008. Yet this year, in a total Grinch move, DDB dumped the entire branch without honoring the contract that was put into place for their protection.


Dogs Deserve Better’s Robin Budin denied the truth to this story:




And if by ‘STIRRING UP TROUBLE’ she means standing up to the bullying and undeserved emotional and physical stress inflicted on Dogs Deserve Better Missouri, the branch leader Melody Whitworth, her volunteers, and the 27 dogs harmed by this reprehensible act, then yeah.

But, as the truth tends to go, Robin Budin’s denial only fuels the fire. Because people want and DESERVE to know the truth. So I am posting the court case files that I have received to date so folks can see we are telling the truth. I will post more as I get them.


Microsoft Word - Petition.doc

Microsoft Word - Petition.docMicrosoft Word - Petition.doc


I picked Lady to sponsor, because she’s shy like Sheba is

While there is plenty to say about the court case, I’d like to keep our focus for now on the needs of the dogs and Melody’s branch of the organization through the holiday season.

I want to focus on the happy; because they deserve to be happy, and they deserve to be well-cared for. If DDB won’t allow them to be part of their pack any longer, then we must help them form a new pack. A nurturing pack that will surround them with love and safety.

I formed Dogs Deserve Better in 2002 to free chained dogs. Melody and her volunteers at Dogs Deserve Better Missouri have followed the protocol of Dogs Deserve Better to a T. They have served the community in a faithful and upstanding manner. They have currently been beset by challenges that are unacceptable, and yet they must somehow rise above and continue to care for their dogs.

That’s where we can help.

The dogs don’t take a holiday. They don’t mind their own business while you fly off to Hawaii for a vacation. The 27 dogs under Melody’s care (more than DDB has on their own sponsor a dog page, in fact) are under the wing of volunteers and Melody herself. The dogs are safe, but the branch has been brought to great harm by these actions.


My hubby sponsored Botsman. Isn’t he cute? Who will you pick?

I sponsored Lady, for Sheba, and my husband Joe sponsored Botsman, because he reminded him of Tannerific, one of my former fosters. Who will you sponsor? Choose from 21 lovely dogs here:

I extend my utmost gratitude to everyone who has shown outrage and caring for Melody and her team. I’m firmly Team Melody, because she has proven to be an exemplary representative for Dogs Deserve Better over the past seven years. She doesn’t deserve this treatment.

I can’t say the same for the current DDB leadership.



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