Beautiful Rescued Dogs Jewel and Onyx Seeking Homes for the Holidays in Northern Virginia


Jewel Looks Gorgeous After her Grooming Appointment

A Face you Just Gotta Kiss!

Meet Jewel, a gorgeous Shepherd/Border Collie mix I was blessed to pull out of a penned living situation in Page County, Virginia last weekend, thanks to a group of folks who came together to make it happen.

Jewel suffered the life of many chained and penned dogs: no love, no warmth, no flea medications, no companionship, and a whole boatload of loneliness. Her tail was completed matted with burrs and God-knows-what, and she was covered in fleas, ticks, and suffered a bladder infection and lyme’s from the many ticks she’s hosted.


The mats on Jewel’s back end when she came to rescue.

But what a difference a week makes!

Jewel visited the vet, where her mats were shaved and she was given all her updated shots and tests. She was prescribed antibiotics for the lyme and bladder infection, as well as heartguard, frontline, and given a thorough check up by the vet. She was very well-behaved at the vet, and even stood for her de-matting with little protest.


On Friday she was off to the groomers at PetSmart, where I was told she was an angel to work with. The remaining mats were cut or shaved as needed, and despite a few shorter spots in her coat and tail, she now looks beautiful, soft, and snuggly.

Can you picture her in your home for the holidays? Jewel now has a clean bill of health, and is ready for adoption. She is located in Culpeper County, Virginia, and can be adopted within driving distance; especially to the Northern Virginia area.

I do require a home visit for any dogs I adopt out, even though I’m not officially aligned with a rescue at this point. I love the dogs I rescue, and I want to do all in my power to find them the perfect home with the perfect fit for them.

What would be the perfect home for Jewel? What is she like?

I LOVE Jewel. I mean, who can truly resist that face? Jewel is approximately 5-6 years old, and is in excellent health. She has a long coat and shepherd coloring with a shepherd-look to her face. I can also see some border collie in her too. Only a DNA test can say for sure.

She weighs 55 lbs., and is spayed and now fully vetted. Her bladder infection is being treated, and the lyme disease should be handled by the antibiotics as well. She will need a recheck on this at her next vet visit.

Jewel is sweet and has a face you just want to kiss over and over. She loves to be hugged, too, and even though she’s not used to living in the home, she is already fully housetrained, and hasn’t had any accidents at all. She is still working on her leash training and her obedience training.

When Jewel was left out of her pen in the VA countryside, she often ran the mountains. This makes her a bit hard to contain in your yard off leash if you don’t have a fence. For this reason I believe Jewel will be better off with a fenced yard, so she can safely go out to explore but can’t wander off and get herself in trouble.

Jewel can easily go to a home with children, as she is very gentle. She takes treats sweetly, and although she likes to run and is learning how to play, she isn’t overly energetic. She is a bit shy with strangers, but I believe she will quickly overcome that. She does bark on occasion, but is not a very vocal dog overall.

Jewel does well with other dogs, and ok with cats, except for when she ‘packs up’ with another dog. Here the two dogs have cornered our cats a couple of times, but they haven’t hurt them.

It is my belief that Jewel can live with cats as an only dog, but if there are other dogs in the home, additional training with her may be necessary so she knows the cats are off limits.

Onyx is Jewel’s daughter, and it would be lovely if they got adopted together. They do get along well (see below pics), and they will do some playing together on occasion. Both girls ride really well in the car.

If you are interested in adopting either Jewel or Onyx, please drop me an e-mail at and I’ll send you an adoption form.

Don’t MISS this 11-Second Video of the Girls Hearing the Cat Meow App for the First Time. Too Cute!


Onyx after her grooming session

And now for the Beautiful Onyx!

Onyx lived at the same address as Jewel, but for whatever reason she was allowed to live inside. As such she had less matting upon her rescue, but she still had fleas and ticks.

We are told that Onyx is Jewel’s daughter, however if so she appears to have been fathered by a chow mix. Onyx is also a wonderful girl, albeit very nervous around new people, and she does bark and hide in the corner when scared. She loves her person to pieces, and has been wonderful with my daughter Brynnan and myself. She still barks at my husband, and seems to have more fear of men than women, which is typical with rescue dogs.

Onyx was also fully vetted, and is being treated for lyme and erhlichiosis, which are both tick-borne illnesses.  She is on antibiotics for these as well.

She is approximately 3 years old, and appears to be a flatcoat/chow mix. She weighs in at a nice 60-lb., with a little stockier build than Jewel. She loves, loves, loves her humans once she gets over her fear, so her adopter needs to understand that she just needs a day or two of kindness to coming around to being your best friend. She sticks close to you outside, and is much less likely to run off than Jewel is.

In fact, she follows me all over the house at all times of the day. Yes, even to the bathroom. She’s that kind of dog.

Onyx knows the sit command, and she also takes treats very gently. She is not recommend for a home with small children, due to her insecurities with fast movements. She tends to hide in the corner when she feels threatened, and children don’t understand enough to allow her the space she needs to feel safe.


Onyx after her grooming appointment

Onyx also did very well at the vet and the groomers, although she was considerably more timid at both places.

Onyx, like Jewel, does well with other dogs. She will do ok as an only dog in a home with cats, but when she’s with Jewel they tend to ‘pack up’ on the cats. I believe this can be overcome, as they are not cat-obsessed, but more like “ooh, look, let’s chase the furry toy that runs” “oh, good idea” kind of thing; so this caveat is for anyone considering adopting both dogs.

If you are interested in adopting either Jewel or Onyx, please drop me an e-mail at and I’ll send you an adoption form.

A HUGE thanks to Melinda See and Woody and Penny Woodward for making this happen for Jewel and Onyx. Because of your efforts, they will get new and loving homes. To all those who chipped in for their vet and grooming care, you helped rescue them too! You made it possible for me to get these girls the care they needed and move them along to homes where they will be valued and loved. For that I couldn’t be more grateful.

Thank you.

The girls say thank you too!





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