Pittsburgh Steelers Answer the Age-Old Question: Just Who IS the Asshole Whisperer?

The Pittsburgh Steelers just announced that they have signed Vick to a one-year deal, and I’m so thankful to finally have one burning question answered:

Just who IS the Asshole Whisperer?

Why, it’s the Pittsburgh Steelers!

Check that one off my list.


Everyone’s up in arms about it, as usual. The petitions and comments abound, again. I guess they hope that with each move the drama will lesson.

But Pittsburgh doesn’t care, as they blithely follow in the footsteps of their fellow-PA predecessor, Philadelphia, and bring Vick into the fold of their embrace. The Pennsylvania acceptance of Vick’s animal cruelty past shouldn’t surprise me—I was born and raised in PA myself, and couldn’t help but notice that the state usually has much more of a problem with those who help abused animals than those who inflict the abuse.

But Pennsylvania is far from cornering that market, as I discovered when I moved the anti-chaining nonprofit I founded to Virginia in 2011.

In fact, when I bought Vick’s former Bad Newz Kennels as part of my work with Dogs Deserve Better, every effort was made to rid the county of our do-gooder presence.

One of the locals was even quoted as saying “We don’t need a white woman riding in on her white horse to clean up the misdeeds of young black men.”


What about the misdeeds of a human being who just happens to be male, a football player, and yes, black in skin color? Who killed dogs who underperformed in the fighting ring and buried them beneath the ground in hopes of avoiding any consequences for his actions?

Would it be ok then?

I found this an interesting read on why Vick won’t be forgiven: http://sports.yahoo.com/news/why-michael-vick-wont-forgiven-043951099.html;_ylt=A0LEVjT9_d1VYRkAV1JjmolQ

In it, the author Will Leitch states: “Winning over non-football fans is impossible, but winning over football fans is frighteningly, depressingly easy. Sports fans don’t care what Vick — or anybody else — did, as long as the player is helping their team win. And non-sports fans will never forgive them, no matter what they do. Which side is right? Does it matter? Has it ever? Roethlisberger says it’s OK if Vick is his backup, and we all nod and say, “OK, I guess it is then.” That’s the world we live in.”

Tell me something I don’t know.

But I guess that doesn’t relieve me of the responsibility to bitch about it, eh?