A Little Evidence for my Loving Unfans that there WAS Indeed a Lawsuit Settlement. Just Because.

It has come to my attention that my Unfans (it just sounds more grownup than Haters) are claiming that I didn’t really get a settlement check from the Surry County lawsuit, and therefore didn’t REALLY buy toilet paper with said check.

I know that the whole world is waiting with bated breath to find out if these claims are true or false, so I thought I’d humor these good folks, as I conveniently have the evidence right here and can clear this whole mess right up.

[An early aside P.S.: Do they know I’m not even with DDB anymore, and that there’s not really much point to destroying me? There’s no organization they can topple by taking me down? Just seems…I don’t know, I’m no minion and shouldn’t presume to tell you folks how to do your job, but it seems to me that it might be time to find another target? Someone who could provide you some satisfaction, some self-worth out of the destruction? Think on it.]

In the spirit of cooperation with which this loving comradery was born, I hereby provide you with a little more evidence. As you may-but-most-likely-will-not believe, the amount is confidential, so I have redacted that information. Please feel free to give my attorney a call and ask if this is indeed all a clever ruse on my part.

To figure out what the hell I’m talking about, and read the full story of the case and the lawsuit, visit my last blog here: https://tamirathayneuntethered.wordpress.com/2015/08/19/dog-activist-who-bought-vicks-dogfighting-compound-celebrates-lawsuit-settlement-with-purchase-of-toilet-paper-and-other-supercool-stuff/

To clarify, I DID INDEED buy four 12 packs of Charmin with my lawsuit settlement money, as pictured, although I’ve since learned that it’s disputed whether Charmin is really the premiere choice in TP. I’ll let you know what my tush thinks.

I may share with Brynnan and Joe if they ask super nicely, but I want to be liberal with my usage so I’m feeling a little stingy about it—are they Charmin-worthy?

OK, yes. Yes, they are. I’ll share. I’m giving like that.

Another piece of toilet paper evidence. It's so astounding that some folks just CAN'T believe it!

Another piece of toilet paper evidence. It’s so astounding that some folks just CAN’T believe it!

Oh, and here’s the letter from the attorney and the check.

There. Problem solved! All you have to do with people who don’t believe things is show them the truth and then it’s all cleared up, right?

Have a lovely day.

Letter from my attorney and redacted check in the lawsuit settlement

Letter from my attorney and redacted check in the lawsuit settlement